Frequently asked questions -- 7th KAUST-NVIDIA Workshop

General questions

Do I need to register to attend the talks and tutorials?

  • For some session, registeration is required. Please refer to workshop agenda for details.
  • Participation in HPC hackthon is by registration only.
  • Participation in AI competition is by registration also.


Compute platforms

How to I access Ibex?

Any KAUST member with valid KAUST credentials should be able to directly login to and use Ibex. No need for extra steps for account setup. 

If you are not from KAUST, send us an email request for an account on Please add GPU2020 in the subject of you email.

How do I launch Jupyter Notebook on Ibex compute node?


How do I install and use NVIDIA RAPIDS on Ibex?


How do I work with Kaggle CLI?

Kaggle API is available on Ibex gloing and ilogin nodes to interact with a Kaggle competition. For example if you want to download datasets from a competition:

> module load kaggle
> kaggle competitions download -c geospatial-data-analytics
> unzip


How can I contact the workshop organizers in case I need support?

You can either email us or contact us on our Slack channels