Workshop on Shaheen CLE6 Cray Programming Environment


Workshop on Shaheen CLE6 Cray Programming Environment


KAUST Supercomputing Core Lab (KSL) and Cray are organizing a workshop on Shaheen CLE6 Cray Programing Environment on Thursday, April 26th, 2018.

This workshop will familiarize the scientific community with the hardware and software architecture on Shaheen, the recently installed CLE6 Cray’s programming environment, performance analysis tools, and optimization of user codes. This workshop will provide lectures and practical examples; the course provides sufficient instruction to enable inexperienced users not only to use efficiently Shaheen, but also to develop and optimize applications.

The afternoon session will be dedicated to a HPC code polyclinic where KSL Computational Scientist team, along with Cray application engineers will help users to fix any issue for porting their code to CLE6, tune and optimize their applications for compute, scalability and I/O.

Bilel Hadri, Workshop Chair


Bilel Hadri Bilel Hadri is a Computational Scientist at the Supercomputing Core Lab at KAUST since July 2013. He contributes in benchmarking and performance optimization, helps in systems procurements, upgrades, and provides regular training to users. He received his Master in Applied Mathematics and his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Houston in 2008. He joined the National Institute for Computational Science at Oak Ridge National Lab as a computational scientist in December 2009 following a Postdoctoral Position in June 2008 at the University of Tennessee Innovative Computing Laboratory lead by Dr. Jack Dongarra. His expertise areas include performance analysis, tuning and optimization, System Utilization Analysis, Monitoring and Library Tracking Usage, Porting and Optimizing Scientific Applications on Accelerator Architectures (NVIDIA GPUs, Intel Xeon Phi), Linear Algebra, Numerical Analysis and Multicore Algorithms


Aniello Esposito is working for Cray in the EMEA research lab (CERL) which currently maintains a centre of excellence at KAUST. Before CERL, Aniello worked as an application analyst for Cray, focusing on the optimisation and general support of user applications. The work took place on site, whereby some of the customers are the centre for high performance computing in Stuttgart (HLRS), the german  weather service (DWD), the north-german supercomputing alliance (HLRN), and KAUST. His work also comprised user trainings and long term projects in addition to support of pre-sales activities and site acceptances.    Aniello studied physics at the swiss federal institute of technology in Zurich (ETHZ) with a focus on theory and computational methods  and earned a PhD from ETHZ in the field of applied physics. After a PostDoc he joined Cray in January 2012.



  • Afternoon session at 1.30pm: Parallel code optimization with KSL scientists, and Cray engineers
    • Shaheen Applications Hands-on session located in Blg1, Level 0, Rom 0115.


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All lectures will take place in the Lecture Hall 2 room 2325 in building 9 (black square).

The workshop location is a 10 min walk from the KAUST Inn (red square) and the campus diner (blue square) for the regular lunch is 5 min away from the workshop location.




The slides are available, click on the agenda. For the exercices with the source code, please contact

Code Porting and Optimization

The event will be followed up by an afternoon session dedicated to developers and users of Shaheen by KSL scientists in collaboration wand Cray engineers to tune your applications.


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