Account Applications

Getting an account on Shaheen is a three-step process and is detailed below, with further details including charges for the use of Shaheen here.

You should consult our Terms and Conditions of Usage.

  1. For non-KAUST users, your organisation or department must submit the Organisational Access Application (OAA), establishing a relationship between your home organisation and the KAUST Supercomputing Laboratory (KSL).
  2. You (or your Principal Investigator) must submit a project proposal describing the work to be done and the resources your project will require.
    • A Production Project can be allocated significant computing resources. The RCAC reviews each project based on not only the computational readiness reviews but also on scientific readiness reviews by faculty experts in the scientific field of the proposed project.
    • This form is for KAUST PIs only and should not be used by external organisations. A Development Project provides access for system familiarisation, code porting, performance assessment, and other pre-production work. This form can be used only for KAUST PIs for assessing software not installed on Shaheen. Development projects will not be allocated significant computing resources.
  3. You must submit an Individual Account Application (IAA), supplying identification information from which we can generate login credentials.

Use the Contact Us form to submit credentials or other private information.

FAQs on the process and requirements for obtaining access to the Shaheen Systems are available here.