Announcements, 17th February 2015

Annual Power Maintenance

Due to annual power maintenance in Building 1, all systems will be shutdown from 16:00 on Thursday 26th February until approximately 10:00 on Sunday 1st March.

Tip of the Week: Using TotalView Debugger for Parallel jobs on Neser

In this example, we will be using the Intel compiler along with OpenMPI/1.6.4/intel( intel-compilers/11.1 and openmpi/1.6.4/intel should be loaded). In addition, it is required that you connect to Neser using the ssh –X option, to get the Totalview GUI ( Graphical User Interface).

In your home directory, create the file .tvdrc and edit it with the following line:

source /opt/share/openmpi/1.6.4/x86_64-intel/etc/openmpi-totalview.tcl

Request an interactive session and make sure that intel and openmpi/1.6.4 modules are loaded. Load Totalview, compile your code with –g option as shown in the following example:

mpif90 –g –o exe_debug mycode.f90

Then, launch your program as follows:

mpirun –tv –np 4 exe_debug  &  

Note that OpenMPI's mpirun offers the "-tv" convenience option which does the same thing as:

totalview mpirun -a -np 4 exe_debug &

A dialog box will pop-up, called Startup Parameters (mpirun) and click OK, and another dialog box question appear asking you if you want to stop the job now. Click on Yes, your source code will appear and then you can add your break points where it's needed to debug your code.

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