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  • Data Centre and Shaheen Maintenance, 22-29 April 2021
  • New release of Programming Environment update on Shaheen: cdt/21.02
  • RCAC meeting
  • Tip of the week: Compiler optimization diagnostics
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Data Centre and Shaheen Maintenance, 22-29 April 2021

Our next maintenance session on Shaheen will take place from 15:30 on the 22nd April until 17:00 on the 29th April. The data centre team will be performing their annual PPM on the power supply equipment. At the same time, we will upgrade the software version and firmware on Shaheen and Neser’s existing Lustre (project and scratch) filesystem. This is an essential step before bringing our newly acquired filesystem online and providing more project storage space. As we are upgrading the Lustre filesystem there will be no access to data during this period.

Please contact us at help@hpc.kaust.edu.sa  should you have any concerns or questions.


Programming Environment update on Shaheen: new cdt/21.02

The new Cray Programming Environment Software release CDT/21.02 has been installed, however, there will be no software default versions change this time. The default is still CDT/19.12.

To get the whole new release and for compatibilities between the different libraries, we recommend using the command module load cdt/20.06 instead of loading manually each different version.

Below is the detailed list of librairies in each CDT.

CDT 21.02 (new) CDT 20.06 CDT 19.12 (default)
cce/11.0.2 cce/10.0.1 cce/9.1.1
intel/ intel/ intel/
gcc/10.2.0 gcc/9.3.0 gcc/8.3.0
atp/3.11.7 atp/3.6.4 atp/2.1.3
cray-hdf5-parallel/ cray-hdf5-parallel/ cray-hdf5-parallel/
cray-hdf5/ cray-hdf5/ cray-hdf5/
cray-libsci/20.09.1 cray-libsci/20.6.1 cray-libsci/19.06.1
cray-fftw/ cray-fftw/ cray-fftw/
cray-mpich-abi/7.7.16 cray-mpich-abi/7.7.14 cray-mpich-abi/7.7.11
cray-mpich/7.7.16 cray-mpich/7.7.14 cray-mpich/7.7.11
cray-netcdf-hdf5parallel/ cray-netcdf-hdf5parallel/ cray-netcdf-hdf5parallel/
cray-netcdf/ cray-netcdf/ cray-netcdf/
cray-parallel-netcdf/ cray-parallel-netcdf/ cray-parallel-netcdf/
cray-petsc-64/ cray-petsc-64/ cray-petsc-64/
cray-petsc-complex-64/ cray-petsc-complex-64/ cray-petsc-complex-64/
cray-petsc-complex/ cray-petsc-complex/ cray-petsc-complex/
cray-petsc/ cray-petsc/ cray-petsc/
cray-python/ cray-python/ cray-python/
cray-R/ cray-R/ cray-R/3.6.1
cray-shmem/7.7.16 cray-shmem/7.7.14 cray-shmem/7.7.11
cray-tpsl-64/20.03.2 cray-tpsl-64/20.03.2 cray-tpsl-64/19.06.1
cray-tpsl/20.03.2 cray-tpsl/20.03.2 cray-tpsl/19.06.1
cray-trilinos/ cray-trilinos/ cray-trilinos/
iobuf/2.0.10 iobuf/2.0.10 iobuf/2.0.9
papi/ papi/ papi/
perftools-base/21.02.0 perftools/20.06.0 perftools/6.3.0
gdb4hpc/4.10.6 gdb4hpc/4.6.5 gdb4hpc/3.0.10
valgrind4hpc/2.10.2 valgrind4hpc/2.6.4 valgrind4hpc/1.0.0
craype-dl-plugin-py3/ craype-dl-plugin-py3/20.06.1 craype-dl-plugin-py3/19.12.1

RCAC meeting

The project submission deadline for the next RCAC meeting is 30th April 2021. Please note that the RCAC meetings are held once per month. Projects received on or before the submission deadline will be included in the agenda for the subsequent RCAC meeting.The detailed procedures, updated templates and forms are available here: https://www.hpc.kaust.edu.sa/account-applications


Tip of the week: Compiler optimization diagnostics

Compilers have advanced capabilities for emitting human-readable diagnostics, in order to provide the developer with insight into what optimizations the compiler was able to make.

  • Cray:
    • C and C++: use the flag -fsave-loopmark to generate a new file with the .lst extension which includes the compiler's optimization report embedded inline with the original source code.
    •  Fortran: use the flag -h list=a to get similar result as described above.
  • Intel, use flag -qopt-report instructs the Intel compilers to emit optimization diagnostic information. A new file will be generated with the  .optrpt extension.
  • GNU: you can use the flag -O3 -fopt-info where all optimization info is output on to stderr.


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