KAUST Supercomputing Laboratory Newsletter 29th March 2017

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  • External connectivity restored
  • Annual Power Maintenance 20-25th April
  • KAUST-ANSYS Workshop on 16th April  2017
  • RCAC Meeting
  • Tip of the Week: debug and 72hours queue
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External connectivity restored

A hardware failure last night at approximately 7pm led to the loss of connectivity from outside KAUST into KSL services. This affected Shaheen login nodes, the www.hpc.kaust.edu.sa website, and our ticketing system. At 1pm today, the problem was fixed. We apologise for the interruption to service. Due to the very nature of the problem, we were unable to inform you about it until now.

Annual Power Maintenance 20-25th April

Due to the annual power maintenance in the Data Centre, all systems will be unavailable from 16:00 on Thursday 20th April until approximately 16:00 on Tuesday 25th April.

KAUST-ANSYS Workshop on 16th April  2017

Sunday, April 16, 2017
9:00 a.m. — 4:00 p.m.
Computer Lab Room, Level 3, University Library

The KAUST Supercomputing Core Laboratory is co-organizing with ANSYS and their channel partner for the Middle East, Fluid Codes, a one-day workshop about ANSYS based engineering applications using Shaheen II on Sunday, 16th April  2017. ANSYS is a leader in developing engineering simulation software.

At the workshop you can find out more about:

  • Shaheen II and how ANSYS software can be used on this world class supercomputer
  • Presentations about ANSYS CFD
  • Presentations about ANSYS Mechanical
  • Parallel Computing - Impact of HPC in reducing the time to solution
  • Hands-on demos on using ANSYS software

The objective of this workshop is to engage industrial partners, and to educate engineering students.

Click here to register for the event. Please note that seating for this hands-on event is limited. 

For more information, visit the workshop website or contact us at training@hpc.kaust.edu.sa.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Rooh Khurram, workshop chair

RCAC Meeting

The project submission deadline for the next RCAC meeting is 31st March 2017. Please note that the RCAC meetings are held once per month. Projects received on or before this deadline will be included in the agenda for the next RCAC meeting, scheduled to be held in April 2017. The detailed procedure and the updated forms are available here:


Tip of the Week: debug and 72hours queue

As announced on 19th January 2017, in order to provide more functionality on Shaheen and at the request of representations made to the RCAC, some changes have been made to the queuing policy.

  • The are now 16 nodes dedicated to a ‘debug’ queue, jobs are limited to a maximum of 2 nodes with a wall clock limit of 30 minutes.You can use the debug queue:
    • adding in your job script the following line:
#SBATCH --partition=debug
  • from the command line using
sbatch --partition=debug myjobscrip.sh
  • The 72 hours queue now has up to 512 nodes available and the 1 node job limit will be removed from 1st Feb 2017.
    • Use of the 72 hours queue will be authorised by the RCAC, please note that any current project requiring ongoing access will be required to submit an application. Please could we request that the PI for a project submits a brief justification along with details of the code they are running to help@hpc.kaust.edu.sa
    • Once granted access, you can update your job scripts using the following lines :
#SBATCH --partition=72hours
#SBATCH --qos=72hours
  • Please use this 72hours queue only if your executable last more than 24 hours( the default wallclock time of normal queue, workq).

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