KAUST Supercomputing Laboratory Newsletter 31st May 2017

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  • Transition of HPC Clusters and Disruption of Services
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  • New command - sb_user

Transition of HPC Clusters and Disruption of Services

In order to provide a more efficient and structured High-Performance Computing (HPC) service to the KAUST research community, the University is unifying all HPC services under the KAUST Core Labs. In addition to providing the current HPC services, the Core Labs will manage the HPC clusters currently provided by IT Research Computing Infrastructure (RCI) and Computational Biology Research Center (CBRC). The consolidation will result in Noor II nodes being merged into Dragon, streamlining of SMC nodes, and a common service layer presented to all users of various clusters. 

To facilitate the transfer, it will be necessary to shut down Noor II, SMC, Noor GPU and Dragon, for one month starting June 1st, 8:00am, until June 30th. Users will not be able to submit jobs on these clusters between June 1st - June 30th.

We are currently working with all organizations involved in HPC operations to plan and implement an orderly transition.  Please note that services on Shaheen will not be affected due to the shutdown of other clusters. As always, you can email help@hpc.kaust.edu.sa for any queries related to Shaheen. For questions related to other clusters, please join the Slack Channel by signing up at the following URL with your KAUST email: https://scale-kaust.slack.com/signup

New Command - sb_user

In addition to the command 'sb' that show allocations and remining balance on a project's allocation, we have written a a new command that gives a breakdown per user of the utilisation, the format of the command is sb_user <project id> e.g.:

$ sb_user k1999  
Project k1999: System Example
PI: PI name

User         Name                                     Core hours
------------ ---------------------------------------- ----------
user1        User One                                      68899
user2        User Two                                     265785
user3        User Three                                    14437
user4        User Four                                    153021
------------ ---------------------------------------- ----------
Charged                                                   611171
------------ ---------------------------------------- ----------


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