KAUST Supercomputing Laboratory Newsletter 5th October

System Maintenance

The next scheduled maintenance session on Shaheen is Tuesday 25th October from 08:00 until 17:00, there will be no access to the system during this period.

There will be an extended down time of all systems from 15:00 on 30th November until 17:00 on 6th December. This is for an upgrade to the power and cooling to allow Shaheen to be run at full capacity without power capping. During this period we will not be able to read or respond to any emails sent to help@hpc.kaust.edu.sa.


Login to the KSL website (https://www.hpc.kaust.edu.sa/user/login) and, under the "My KSL" menu, you will find options to:

  • View your KSL Helpdesk tickets
  • Check your personal Shaheen monthly core hour usage
  • Check your projects' monthly core hour usage
  • Display usage vs quota for your projects

Queuing Policy

As you are aware, the current queuing policy on Shaheen is operated on a first-in/first-out basis with a maximum wallclock for multi-node jobs of 24 hours. The 72 hours queue is limited to a maximum of 32 nodes for single node jobs.

After a recommendation from the RCAC, KSL is reviewing the queuing policy on Shaheen and would like your input on how the present policy affects your research and of any changes in policy you would like to see implemented. Please forward any comments to help@hpc.kaust.edu.sa.

Neser Last Day of Operation

Please note this system will be decommissioned on 30th November 2016.

After this date all data in /project and /home will be deleted. Please ensure that you have transferred any data you wish to retain.

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