KAUST Supercomputing Laboratory Newsletter 7th December 2016

Shaheen Service Resumed

Work on the power and cooling in the data centre is now complete. Shaheen has been returned to full service with all nodes available and no power-capping in place.

Neser Last Day of Operation

Please note this system is now decommissioned.

Shaheen II Burst Buffer Early Users Access

KAUST Supercomputing Laboratory (KSL) has included Burst Buffer capability in the design of Shaheen II using Cray DataWarp technology to further enhance the performance of I/O intensive applications. Our configuration consists of 536 SSDs across 268 DataWarp nodes providing a total available storage space of 1.52 PB at an aggregate speed of 1.5TB/s for some benchmarks.

We invite users of Shaheen II to submit a proposal to help@hpc.kaust.edu.sa with information about their I/O intensive workload and any special interest in evaluating the Burst Buffer on Shaheen II. Such proposals should include information about the size of the data you generate, the number of files you are reading/writing, the current performance experienced on the Lustre filesystem, and any other related information.

KSL will select the most relevant applications and provide initial training to a small group of users at this first stage. The porting of the scripts and the experiments will take place with the support and guidance of KSL scientists. This early evaluation phase is not for production runs. It is intended for identifying applications that may benefit from the Burst Buffer technology in the future. Further training sessions and hands-on workshops will be scheduled for all I/O intensive applications in 2017.

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