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HPC Training Tutorials

Two days of HPC training tutorials are organized on 15th and 16th March at KAUST:

  • Wednesday 15th March: HPCSAUDI Conference Tutorials with 8 different sessions. These half or full day tutorials are suitable for new, intermediate and advanced users, managers, students, systems administrators and anyone seeking an overview of parallel computing; debugging, performance and optimization tools; scientific applications; use of compute accelerators ( Xeon Phi, GPUs), systems administration and resource management; procuring HPC systems.
  • Thursday 16th March:  Workshop on Parallel Code Optimization. The morning session will cover the architecture, general parallel I/O models, file system tuning, I/O tracing, MPI-IO usage, and general best practices.The afternoon session will be dedicated to a code polyclinic where KSL scientists, Seagate, along with Intel and Cray application engineers will help users to tune and optimize their codes for compute, scalability and I/O.

Any questions on the Training, please contact us at training@hpc.kaust.edu.sa

Tip of the Week: Display status information for a running job/step

To display information about your running job, you can use the SLURM command sstat. The sstat command displays information related to CPU, Task, Node, Virtual Memory and more. You can specify the output with the use of the --fields= option to specify the fields to be shown (use man sstat). The sstat output is limited to the user's own jobs. For array jobs, the ".batch" suffix needs to be added to the full Job Id. For example if the Job Ids in the array are 123456_[0-10], to get information on job 123456_10, you would use:

sstat --format=AveCPU,AveCPUFreq,NTasks,MinCPU,MinCPUTask,MaxDiskWrite,MaxVMSizeNode -j 123456_10.batch
    AveCPU AveCPUFreq   NTasks    MinCPU  MinCPUTask MaxDiskWrite MaxVMSizeNode  
---------- ---------- -------- ---------- ---------- ------------ -------------- 
 11:02.000      2.22G    16384  10:57.000      10912    69309644K       nid03817  

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