Burst Buffer Early User Program


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We welcome you to the Burst Buffer early users program. Currently, there have been approved 9 applications for Burst Buffer early access. This program is designed from KAUST Supercomputing Laboratory, and George Markomanolis leads the Burst Buffer work at KAUST. For any questions/issues, send an email to georgios.markomanolis@kaust.edu.sa. Moreover, there is a mailing list that you could join if you are interested. 

  • First Burst Buffer training will take place on 24th January 2017 by George Markomanolis


  • Investigation of the relationship between reactivity and aromaticity, Prof. Kuo-Wei Huang, Theo P Goncalves, Kristin Munkerup (Gaussian)

  • Tuning of the I/O of a DART-MITGCM workflow at high number of jobs, Prof. Ibrahim Hoteit, Habib Toye Mahamadou Kele, Samuel Kortas  (DART-MITGCM)
  • Large domain of Saudi Arabia on WRF,  Prof. Ibrahim Hoteit, Hari Dasari, Yesubabu Viswandhappli, George Markomanolis (WRF, MATLAB)
  • Regional and global modeling of volcanic and dust aerosol impact, Georgiy Stenchikov, Sergey Osipov, Anatolii Anisimov, Mohamed Abdelkader (WRF, ROMS, WRF-CHEM, EMAC)
  • High Performance on Burst Buffer for large scale simulations using PIDX and KARFS, Prof. Hong Im, Prof. Valerio Pascucci, Steve Petruzza, Sidharth Kumar, Duong Hoang, Bok Jik Lee, Francisco Hernandez Perez (PIDX, KARFS, IOR)
  • KVL Development Project - Burst Buffer for In-Situ Analysis and Visualization, Madhu Srinivasan, Glendon Holst, Thomas Theussl (Paraview, Visualization tools)
  • Performance of membrane spacers having different new geometries: A Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS) Investigations, Prof. Noreddine Ghaffour, Adnan Qamar, Rooh Khuram (ANSYS - Fluent, Tecplot)
  • Introducing checkpointing in flow simulations with lattice-Boltzmann code, Prof. Tadeusz Patzek, Shiarhei Khirevich
  • Data Offloading for Extreme Scale Simulation



Updated: 23 January 2017