HPC Saudi 2017 Tutorials

On Wednesday March 15th 2017, eight tutorials were offered for a broad range of audience during HPC SAUDI 2017.  More than 200 attendees ranging from beginners to advanced users benefited from this unique learning experience. The tutorials were not only designed for HPC users but also for system administrators, faculty members, and HPC managers. These interactive sessions focused on key topics of HPC from a basic introduction to HPC, presented by KSL and KVL, to advanced performance tuning and optimization offered by Allinea, Intel and Cray. These tutorials provided an opportunity for the attendees to learn new topics like containers by Saudi Aramco, and deep learning by Nvidia. Furthermore, the tutorial day also enabled interaction with experts on the best practices of HPC procurement, offered by RedOak, and on the configuration of SLURM workload manager by SchedMD.


Tutorial description and materials:

  • Nvidia: How to get started with Deep Learning

    • Goal: Learn how you can apply deep learning in image recognition and segmentation for  developers and data scientists worldwide how to solve challenging problems with deep learning.
    • Duration: Half day    - Level: Beginner to Intermediate
    • Materials:
  • Allinea: Efficient HPC Development and Production with Allinea Tools

    • Goal:  Help scientific users from the development of an application to the production by debugging, profiling your applications with Allinea tools.
    • Duration: Half day  - Level: Intermediate to advanced
    • Materials:
  • Containers: Portable, repeatable user-oriented application delivery. Build, ship, run any app anywhere”

    • Goal: Provide an overview on the containers platform, including system components: images, containers, repositories, clustering, and orchestration and demonstrate through "live demo, and hands-on exercises" the reuse case of containers in building a portable distributed application cluster running a variety of workloads including HPC workload.
    • Duration: Half day     - Level: Intermediate to advanced
    • Materials: Slides are available here
  • SLURM: Intermediate Slurm Training for System Administrators

    • Goal: Cover installing and configuring the Slurm workload manager on a Linux cluster, including a review of Slurm's internal architecture, discussion of different capabilities and features, and live demo of configuring Slurm for various workload
    • Duration: Full day  - Level: Intermediate to advanced


  • RedOak: Business aspects of HPC: acceptance, installation & commissioning

    • Goal: Guide attendees through the process of purchasing and deploying an HPC system. It will cover the whole process from engaging with stakeholders in securing funding, requirements capture, market survey, specification of the tender/request for proposal documents, engaging with suppliers, evaluating proposals, and managing the installation
    • Duration: Half day  - Level: Managers/ faculty



Here is the link to the survey:  http://tiny.cc/HPCSAUDI17_Survey