Introduction to Parallel Programming with MPI

Computer Lab Room 3134, Level 3, University Library (Bld 12)


The KAUST Supercomputing Core Laboratory (KSL) is organizing a full-day Hands on Introduction to Parallel Programming with MPI. Message Passing Interface (MPI) is a defacto standard for programming an applications for distributed memory architectures. MPI libraries, based on this standard, enable communication between multiple nodes of a Supercomputer over high speed interconnect.   The intended learning outcomes of this tutorial are:

  • to familiarize with the Message Passing Interface Standard
  • to learn how to initialize MPI environment inside a program
  • understand basic MPI communication patterns available in MPI standard
  • In the end you will parallelize a sequential code using MPI, in an attempt to reduce its computation time on Shaheen Supercomputer

Who should attend

  • Scientific software developers writing sequential programs in C, C++, Fortran and Python, and intend to parallelize their codes to run on multiple nodes of a distributed memory architecture such as Shaheen Supercomputer


  • Ideally you would have either attended Introduction to Parallel Computing tutorial or have an understanding of multicore and distributed memory architecture
  • Some background knowledge of writing code in C, Fortran or Python to do the exercises
  • Familiarity with Linux Command line would be useful to navigate on the training platform

All KAUST researchers, students, and managers are warmly welcomed to join the event and its training sessions.


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Agenda for tutorial can be found here


The tutorial will be held in Computer Lab Room 3134, located at Level 3 of the Building 12, the University Library.

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