MPI 2014


5th – 6th November 2014

What: Two-day MPI Hands–On Workshop Broadcasted from Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center and the Texas Advanced Computing Center
When: November 5th & 6th at 7:00pm
Where: Library – Computer Lab

KAUST Supercomputer Lab is intending to host a remote site for the MPI hands-on workshop from XSEDE (Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment). If there is enough interest, KSL will investigate the possibility of streaming this course live in the Library computer room on 5th and 6th November from 7pm-1am. Only KAUST members will be considered for this course. Please register your interest through the following link

Agenda :

Wednesday, November 5

19:00 Welcome

19:15 Computing Environment

20:00 Intro to Parallel Computing

21:00 Break

22:00 Introduction to MPI

23:30 Introductory Exercises

24:10 Intro Exercises Review
24:15 Scalable Programming: Laplace code

1:00 Adjourn/Laplace Exercises

Thursday, November 6

19:00 Laplace Exercises
20:00 Laplace Solution
20:30 Break
21:30 Advanced MPI
22:30 Outro to Parallel Computing
23:30 Exercises
24:30 Adjourn

Note: The registration will close on the 29th of October. The attendees will be provided with accounts to the Stampede machine.