MPI 2016


The registration page for the XSEDE HPC Monthly Workshop Series - February 9-10 - MPI session is up.

The portal registration page can be found here:

If there is enough interest, KSL will investigate the possibility of streaming this course live in the Library computer room.

Agenda :

Tuesday, Feb 9th

19:00 Welcome
19:15 Computing Environment
 20:00 Intro to Parallel Computing
 21:00 Break
 22:00 Introduction to MPI
 23:30 Introductory Exercises
 00:10 Intro Exercises Review
 00:15 Scalable Programming: Laplace code
 01:00 Adjourn/Laplace Exercises

Wednesday, Feb 10th  

19:00 Advanced MPI
 20:30 Break
 21:30 Laplace Review
 22:00 Outro to Parallel Computing
 23:00 Exercises
 00:30 Adjourn

Note: All registered attendees will gain temporary BlueWaters accounts.