VisIt is an interactive, parallel analysis and visualization tool for
scientific data. VisIt contains a rich set of visualization features so you can
view your data in a variety of ways. It can be used to visualize scalar and
vector fields defined on two- and three-dimensional (2D and 3D) structured and
unstructured meshes. 

Installing and Setting Up Visit
VisIt uses a client-server architecture. You will obtain the best performance
by running the VisIt client on your local computer and running the server on
KAUST resources. VisIt for your local computer can be obtained here:  

Supported VisIt versions on Ibex:
* VisIt 3.2.2

warning:: Using a different version than what is listed above is not guaranteed to work properly.

The first time you launch VisIt (after installing), you will be prompted
for a remote host preference. KASUT will be available in this list soon. For now, restart VisIt, and go to Options→Host Profiles. Select “New Host”

**For Ibex:**
- For host nickname: Ibex (this is arbitrary)
- Remote hostname:
- Host name aliases: login#g (required)
- Maximum Nodes: unchecked
- Maximum processors: unchecked (arbitrary but use fewer than cores available)
- Path to VisIt Installation: ``/sw/vis/ibex-visit`` (required)
- Username: Your Ibex Username (required)
- Tunnel data connections through SSH: Checked (required)

Under the “Launch Profiles” tab create a launch profile. Most of these values
are arbitrary
- Profile Name: No GPU, MPI, Multinode (arbitrary)
- Timeout: 480 (arbitrary)
- Number of threads per task: 0 (arbitrary, but not tested
  with OMP/pthread support)
- Additional arguments: blank (arbitrary)

Under the “Parallel” Tab:
- Launch parallel engine: Checked (required)
- Launch Tab:
    - Parallel launch method:
      sbatch/srun (required)
    - Partition/Pool/Queue: batch (required)
    - Number of processors: 2 (arbitrary, but
      high number may lead to OOM errors)
    - Number of nodes: 2 (arbitrary)
    - Bank/Account: unchecked
    - Time Limit: 1:00:00 (arbitrary)
    - Machine file: Unchecked (required – Lets VisIt get
      the nodelist from the scheduler)
    - Constraints: unchecked
- Advanced tab – All boxes unchecked
- GPU Acceleration
    - Use cluster’s graphics cards: Unchecked

Click “Apply” and make sure to save the settings (Options/Save Settings).
Exit and re-launch VisIt.

Remote GUI Usage

Once you have VisIt installed and set up on your local computer:

-  Open VisIt on your local computer.
-  Go to: "File→Open file" or click the "Open" button on the GUI.
-  Click the "Host" dropdown menu on the "File open" window that popped
   up and choose "Ibex".
-  This will prompt you for your Ibex password, unless you have passwordless ssh setup.
-  Navigate to the appropriate file.
-  Once you choose a file, you will be prompted for the number of nodes
   and processors you would like to use.
-  Once specified, the server side of VisIt will be launched, and you
   can interact with your data.