Large Memory Nodes

The IBEX cluster has a total of 18 Skylake and Cascadelake large memory nodes 2.93 TB each. However, part of the memory is used by operating system and remaining memory is usable for the job execution. The summary of large memory nodes are listed in the below table:


                                              Table. Ibex Large Memory Nodes

System architecture

Cores per node

Number of nodes

Recommended max memory per node*

Intel Skylake



2.93 TB

Intel Cascadelake 48 14 2.93 TB

The usable node memory represents the available memory for job execution.

The jobs with the larger memory requirement can be submitted using  `--mem=###G` constraint in SLURM job scripts. For jobs to run on a large memory node they must request at least 370,000MB of memory. For any job that requests less than 370,000MB it’ll be classified as a normal compute job and will run on a normal compute node.


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