New Users

Welcome to I B E X

This quick tutorial is for new Ibex users.

Ibex clusters consist of 2 different login nodes:

1) ilogin(CPU) : ssh -X

2) glogin(GPU) : ssh -X


Note: To access the Ibex Clusters ,You only need to have kaust credentials(username & password).If you do not have kaust credentials yet or an external collaborator please contact the IT Help Desk at to request an account. In case of external collaborator please make sure to request VPN access with destination "ibex-login" enabled.

  • Explore the available applications on each cluster by writing in the terminal :" module avail " .This will give you the installed applications depending on the node you are logged on.
  • You can find the latest applications after "module avail " under :
    • /sw/csXX/modulefiles/applications
    • /sw/csXX/modulefiles/compilers
    • /sw/csXX/modulefiles/libs

      Where XX is  i, g depending on which node you are logged on.

    Make sure you check the FAQ and Applications pages for further info or send us a query using the Contact Us page.

    Training tutorials are also available here.

          Please also check the policies page which is currently being implemented.