Chapter 5: Installed Software

A comprehensive set of software has already been optimally compiled on Ibex and made available to users via modules.

The modules system is used to alter the environment by exporting/adding a set of predefined environment variables to your shell upon the module load, and reverses these changes upon the unload.

The modules can be used by the following subcommands:

Subcommand Description
module av/avail Lists all the modules available for use
module load/add <module> Adds that module to your environment
module unload/rm <module> Removes that module from your environment
module swap/switch <module1> <module2> Switches between module1 and module2
module show <module> Lists the environmental variables that are to be added in your environment
module purge

Removes all loaded modules

There are further mega modules that can be loaded to add different stacks than the already available one in your environemnt

For example:

You can use the CPU stack on the glogin nodes by:

module load intelstack-default

Also, you can check out the GPU stack on the ilogin nodes by:

module load gpustack-default      

For applications that are specifically built and optimized to work on AVX-512 intel architectures. Use:

module load intelstack-optimized 


Detailed list of already installed software can be accessed here .

To know more about the version installed and how to use it, click on the name of the application. In the near future, test cases and job file examples will be added to the documentation.