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      Fall semester 2023, Ibex 101 training session      Sep 5,2023

Ibex 101 Training presentations 

       Data Science on-boarding on KSL Platforms  Feb 8th, 2023



       Spring semester, Ibex 101 and Bio Science workshop  Feb 2nd, 2023

   Ibex 101 Training presentations 

   BioScience workshop presentation 

       Data Science on-boarding on KSL Platforms  Oct 2nd,2022 Slides
      Fall semester, Ibex 101 training session Sep 20,2022


 Recording link

      Spring semester 2022, Ibex 101 training session
 Feb 8, 2022
Job scheduling demos: 
Webinar Recordings: Ibex 101
     Ibex for Bio-Science applications     Feb 8, 2022 

 Presentation link

 Recording link

Fall semester, Ibex 101: Getting started on Ibex cluster with hands-on experience

Sep 21, 2021 
(10:00am to 12:30am)

Demo/Short videos

Matlab-HPC on IBEX Mar 1, 2021 1. Slides, Video
2. Demo
Ibex 101 training Workshop February 9, 2021
Ibex for Bio-Scinece applications February 9, 2021
Deep Learning Best Practices February 9, 2021
Ibex 101 training Workshop and Clinic September 27, 2020
Introduction to Conda for (Data) Scientists on Ibex workshop June 21 and 28, 2020 Introduction to Conda for (Data Scientists) on Ibex
Deep Learning Best Practices May 3, 2020  Deep Learning Best Practices
Ibex 101 full day workshop Feb 10, 2020

IBEX 101 Training Session

IBEX Applications Best Practices Sessions

Deep Learning Best Practices Feb 4, 2020 1. Deep Learning Best Practices
Matlab-HPC on IBEX Jan 28, 2020 1. Matlab-HPC
2. Demo
Job scheduling on KSL HPC Systems Dec 10, 2020  Job Scheduling on KSL systems
Linux basics and Hands-on experience with IBEX cluster     Oct 10, 2019

1. Linux basics and Hands-on experience with IBEX cluster

2. Job Submission in Ibex Cluster

IBEX 101 training   Sep 5, 2019

1. Overview of Ibex cluster 

2. Overview of CPU software stack

3. Overview of GPU software stack and large memory nodes

4. Ibex job submission with an example using Matlab 

5. How to run your application on Ibex (example: Gaussion 09) 

GPU and Large memory jobs on Ibex April 18, 2019 GPU and Large memory jobs
 Introduction to Singularity Containers   March 7, 2019

Containers On HPC

BeeGFS: Parallel Cluster File System & SLURM: Job management Feb 21, 2019

1. BeeGFS: Parallel Cluster File System

 2. SLURM: Job submission (e.g.: GPU jobs) 

 3. SLURM: Job Monitoring and Managing IBEX jobs, Tips and examples.

  Hands-on Experience: “Execute your jobs in Ibex cluster Jan 17, 2019

 1. IBEX Cheat sheet

 2. SLURM Cheat sheet

 3. IBEX Hardware and Software stack

 4. Hands-on Experience: “Execute your jobs in Ibex cluster”

 5. Ibex Documentation and Support

  Getting upto speed with Ibex cluster Nov 26, 2018

 1. IBEX Cheat sheet

2. Getting upto speed with IBEX

3. IBEX Hardware and Software stack 

4. How to run a job in IBEX

5. Application software examples

    (a) How to run Gaussian 09

    (b) How to run Fluent application on the cluster

6. IBEX Documentation and Support 

Ibex 101 Training Sep 20 2018 Slides
Overview on HPC Numerical Libraries Jan 30, 2018 Slides
Second Workshop "Boost your efficiency when dealing with multiple jobs on Shaheen and Ibex" Dec 12,2017 Slides
October 17 - Cluster Training Workshop Oct 17, 2017 Slides