Intel® oneAPI Introduction – Programming Framework for Heterogenous Environments

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The KAUST Supercomputing Core Lab and Intel are co-organizing an online workshop on Intel® oneAPI Toolkits Introduction – Programming Framework for Heterogenous Environments”

The workshop will run for almost the whole afternoon of November 4th, 2020 including tutorial presentations and short demos showing individual tools in action integrated in individual sessions provided by Intel experts. The abstract and agenda of the workshop are detailed below.


Modern workloads are incredibly diverse—and so are architectures. No single architecture is best for every workload. Maximizing performance takes a mix of scalar, vector, matrix, and spatial (SVMS) architectures deployed in CPU, GPU, FPGA, and other future accelerators. Intel® oneAPI products will deliver the tools you need to deploy your applications and solutions across SVMS architectures.



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Saber Feki, KAUST Supercomputing Core Lab

Ahmad Abduljabbar, Intel

Ahmed Al-Jeshi, Intel

Speakers Biography

Dmitry Sivkov

Dmitry is a Intel Technical Consulting Engineer with more than 20 years experience in Computer Sciences and HPC. He has a PhD in Applied Math. Dmitry is enabling and supporting Intel Cluster Tools for 9 years with a lot of projects with Data Centers, Clouds, HPC clusters.

Igor Vorobtsov

Igor has more than 11 years of experience in the areas of C/C++ and Fortran compilers, application tuning and developer support. Igor got a Master of Science degree in Applied Mathematics. Since joining Intel in 2008, Igor has worked as a Technical Consulting Engineer supporting software developers throughout EMEA region. Igor has a broad array of application experience, including enterprise applications and high performance computing environments.

Edmund Preiss

Edmund is a European Business Development Manager for Intel’s Software Development Tools. He has held this position for about 12+ years. The Intel Tools products include components such as Compilers, AI Frameworks, Libraries and Performance Analysis tools and covers R&D, HPC, academia, enterprise, manufacturing, automotive and machine/deep learning segments respectively their applications. Edmund joined Intel in 1988 and has since managed various product marketing, technical and business development programs/projects and teams.

He held several roles such as the Intel’s European Strategic Software Planning within Intel’s Software and Solutions Group and was the European channel marketing manager for Intel’s past Web Hosting Services (Intel Online Services).

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