Kestrel Urika-GD

With Shaheen II compute capacity and capability, nicely layered data storage infrastructure and cross-campus network connectivity, it is expected that KAUST scientists will be able to generate a large amount of scientific data. Data Analytics using state of the art solutions will become a pressing need for the user to analyze all scientific output of simulations processed on the Shaheen II system.

Shaheen II

Introduced in March 2015, the KSL team manages Shaheen II, a Cray XC40 delivering over 7.2 Pflop/s of theoretical peak performance. With 5.536 Pflop/s of sustained LINPACK performance, Shaheen II was the seventh fastest supercomputer in the world according to the TOP500 list of July 2015. The September 2018 TOP500 list places Shaheen II at #32.

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