Cray programming environment: explain

When you are facing compilation or run time error messages using the Cray Programming enviroment, the explain command will help you further identify and locate the problem in the source code.

  • at compilation, to get more information about a warning or an error that has a group code of ftn (Fortran compiler) and a message number of 101 for example:
ftn-101 crayftn: ERROR  ..... 
~>explain ftn-101
Error : Dummy argument "%s" has the INTENT(IN) attribute so it must not be given the %s attribute.

An object with the VOLATILE attribute must not be a dummy argument with the intent(in) attribute.
  • at Run time, with a I/O error:
Open IOSTAT=5016
~>explain lib-5016 

An EOF or EOD has been encountered unexpectedly. The file terminated unexpectedly, perhaps without the proper end - of - file record or end - of - data control information.  The file specification may be incorrect, or the file may be corrupted. Ensure that the file specification is correct.  If the file is corrupted, create the data again, if possible. See the man pages for assign(1) and  asgcmd (1). The error class is UNRECOVERABLE (issued by the run time library)