debug and 72hours queue

As announced on 19th January 2017, in order to provide more functionality on Shaheen and at the request of representations made to the RCAC, some changes have been made to the queuing policy.

  • The are now 16 nodes dedicated to a ‘debug’ queue, jobs are limited to a maximum of 2 nodes with a wall clock limit of 30 minutes.You can use the debug queue:
    • adding in your job script the following line:
#SBATCH --partition=debug
  • from the command line using
sbatch --partition=debug
  • The 72 hours queue now has up to 512 nodes available and the 1 node job limit will be removed from 1st Feb 2017.
    • Use of the 72 hours queue will be authorised by the RCAC, please note that any current project requiring ongoing access will be required to submit an application. Please could we request that the PI for a project submits a brief justification along with details of the code they are running to
    • Once granted access, you can update your job scripts using the following lines :
#SBATCH --partition=72hours
#SBATCH --qos=72hours
  • Please use this 72hours queue only if your executable last more than 24 hours( the default wallclock time of normal queue, workq).