Expand Columns of "sacct" output

In one of our previous Tips of the week (https://www.hpc.kaust.edu.sa/tips/some-useful-slurm-commands), we learned that "sacct" command can be used to retrieve detailed information of past jobs. But sometimes, the information of some items is too long and cannot be fitted in the default column width, like the "NodeList" column shown below:

[zhuz@cdl2:~]$sacct -j 15720460 --format=jobid,nnodes,nodelist   
       JobID   NNodes        NodeList
------------ -------- ---------------
15720460           16 nid0[0627,0662+

To fix this issue, we can append "%[width]" to the format item ("nodelist" in this example) to adjust its column width accordingly, like below, and now we can see the full information:

[zhuz@cdl2:~]$sacct -j 15720460 --format=jobid,nnodes,nodelist%90          
       JobID   NNodes                                                                                   NodeList
------------ --------                                      -----------------------------------------------------
15720460           16      nid0[0627,0662,0665,0913,0918,1049,1182,1207,1375,1744,1749,5453,6163-6164,7611-7612]