File Transfers

The supported methods for file transfer on Shaheen are SSH, and Globus.

SSH can be used to transfer files (especially for smaller files, ie < 1 GB) between your local environment and the KSL front end nodes, using the scp or stfp commands as follows:

scp . (to download filename file to your local workstation)

scp filename (to upload filename to shaheen)

sftp ${username} (then you can use the command put and get to upload or download files respectively)

• Globus can be used for large files, even Terabytes of data. It's easy to set up a Globus endpoint on a user's machine and upload or download files between this machine and an XSEDE resource. Globus makes it possible to easily transfer files to and from any machine – even if behind a firewall or NAT without any administrative privileges – using Globus Connect Personal.

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