Launching Containers on Shaheen

The Singularity container platform, the preferred platform for HPC centers supporting containerized workloads, is installed on Shaheen.

If you have a pre-existing Docker image you can convert it to a Singularity image file by running the following command:

module load singularity
singularity pull docker://Image_name:tag

which produces a single image File or .sif file in your current working directory. Here Image_name:tag is the name of the image and the tag of your desired image you wish to pull from the Dockerhub repository.

To run a container from this image you can include the following in your jobscript or in an interactive session:

srun -n 1 singularity exec image_name_tag.sif /path/to/application/inside/container/application.exe

There are several useful Singularity commands not covered here. We would love to hear from you if you have a containerized workflow and would like to run it on Shaheen. Please email us  at