MATLAB on Neser

Some users need to perform MATLAB based data analysis on large simulation data that is produced on Shaheen. It might be quite time consuming to copy data either to IBEX or a workstation for running MATLAB. You can avoid copying of data by running MATLAB from Neser. Neser and Shaheen share the same filesystem. Please note that it is highly recommended to use MATLAB in batch mode on any cluster or supercomputer. Here are the steps that will allow you to run your first MATLAB test on Neser. Once the test is running, you can then modify the *.m file and job script according to your needs.


            1) Send an email to and ask to be added to the  "matlab" group (only KAUST students/employees can use this license)

            2) Login to Neser (from Shaheen execute "ssh neser")

            3) Go to your Shaheen directory (same filesystem as Shaheen)

            4) cp -r /sw/css/matlab/test_case/ .​

            5) cd test_case

            6) sbatch