Module Avail List

Before requesting installation of new packages or libraries, check if the desired package is already installed on the system.
To see which gcc module files are available on Neser or Shaheen, enter this command:

$ module avail gcc
-------------------------- /opt/modulefiles --------------------------
 gcc/4.8.1                                           gcc/4.9.2(default)

A more general command that could be helpful in all cases is as follows:

$ module avail --long 2>&1 | grep netcdf
netcdf/4.1.2/gcc                                     2013/05/22 12:52:05
netcdf/4.1.3/intel                                   2013/05/22 12:52:05
parallel-netcdf/1.2.0                                2013/05/22 12:52:05
parallel-netcdf/1.4.1                                2014/06/08 14:16:36