Performance analysis in 10 steps

1) Connect to Shaheen II with -X:ssh -X

2) Load/unload the following modules:

module unload darshan
module load perftools-base/6.3.2
module load perftools/6.3.2

3) Clean your code and recompile: make clean and then make

4) Build the sampling instrumented executable :pat_build -S executable

5) Execute the sampling instrumented executable, the new executable is called executable+pat. Launch it the executable+pat with your SLURM job script

6) Prepare the sampling report. Once your job finished successfully: pat_report -o report_sampling.txt executable+pat+PID-XXs.xf

7) Build the tracing executable: pat_build -O report_sampling.apa

8) Execute the tracing instrumented executable, called executable+apa with your SLURM job script

9) Build the tracing report: pat_report -o report_tracing.txt executable+apa+PID-XXt.xf

10) Visualize performance data: app2 executable+apa+PID-XXt.ap2