Shaheen Job script Generator

Looking for a job script example to submit to Shaheen's SLURM Resource Scheduler, but do not remember the exact syntax of it?

The Shaheen job generator web page is available to help.

  1. Go to this page,
  2. Choose the resources you want to use or set some parameter specific to your job (project, application, mail, executable number of processors, time, queue, number of processes per node or number of threads...) 
  3. Click on 'generate script'
  4. In the frame on the side, you will obtain the corresponding job, ready to be pasted into a text file via a terminal window opened on Shaheen
  5. If this file is called, submit it to the Shaheen SLURM scheduler with the following command:

Last but not least,

  • Do not create this file in your home directory, only job script files located in /project or /scratch can be correctly submited, as on Shaheen the compute nodes have not access to your home.
  • A similar job generator web page is available for Ibex here.