Using Python

Python is available on Shaheen via the module system:

~> module avail -S python
------------------------------- /sw/xc40/modulefiles ------------------------------------------------------
python/2.7.11           python/2.7.11-gcc-5.3.0 python/2.7.13           python/2.7.9            python/3.4.2

Note that without loading the Python module, a version of Python /usr/bin/python will be used by default. We advise against this since it is an older version of Python and it does not include scientific packages such as Numpy and Scipy. It is highly recommended to use the module-supplied version when submitting jobs using Python. Your bash script can be updated with the following:

module load python/2.7.11
srun -n nb_tasks --hint=nomultithread python

The ACM/SIAM student chapter organized a series of Python tutorials at KAUST which spanned three days and covered basic to advanced topics such as optimization, machine learning, and MPI. All materials are available in