Users' home directories are independent of local disk storage and of the Lustre filesystem. They are NFS automounted, served from a NetApp Cluster On Tap server ( Each home directory is subject to a hard quota limit of 200GB with the soft limit at 180GB; if you hit your quota, then you must start either deleting unrequired files or moving them to a different storage space, either on Lustre (/project) or on another server of your choice.

Compute nodes can access only /scratch and /project directories. Jobs submitted from /home will fail.

A feature of the NetApp - snapshots of your home directory are taken at regular intervals, so you can recover files back to a previous state by copying them from $HOME/.snapshot to their original location. This is not an alternative to version control, however; we strongly encourage any users who make frequent changes to their code to use versioning software such as Git.

It is important to understand that snapshots are NOT backups and should not be treated as such.