Users' home directories are independent of local disk storage and of the Lustre filesystem. They are NFS automounted, served from a NetApp Cluster On Tap server ( Each home directory is subject to a hard quota limit of 200GB with the soft limit at 180GB; if you hit your quota, then you must start either deleting unrequired files or moving them to a different storage space, either on Lustre (/project) or on another server of your choice.

Compute nodes can access only /scratch and /project directories. Jobs submitted from /home will fail.

A feature of the NetApp - snapshots of your home directory are taken at regular intervals, so you can recover files back to a previous state by copying them from $HOME/.snapshot to their original location. This is not an alternative to version control, however; we strongly encourage any users who make frequent changes to their code to use versioning software such as Git.